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men’s back muscles let you know that god is real


I’m actually nobody’s first choice and let me tell you how great that feels


when my mom took care of babies my favorite story is about this toddler named eli who took a while to talk and everyone was concerned about it but one day my dad was like “eli, can you say ‘car’?” and he looks at my dad and goes “yes, i can. why do you ask?” 


some of these are scary accurate 

A moment of silence for all 239 passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines MH370 


The Prime Minister of Malaysia just confirmed that MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean. None on board survive the crash. Condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.

The top 10 things you did not know about Allison Argent!


how the fuck do the kids in tv shows meet up for breakfast and talk before school




when you’re younger, being smart and being able to pass classes easily without studying is not a good thing

because then when you hit a point where you do have to study for classes, you have no idea how to study

And then you end up sitting staring at your book for 2 hours thinking to yourself: Maybe if I sleep on it some sort of book osmosis will occur and I’ll absorb the information from my book into my mind

And then you cry.



people that scream during acoustic performancesimage


this is the greatest blooper 

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